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  1. Updated Family Tree (Available Soon - we have got it as far back as 1640!)

  2. Playing with my camera

  3. Two Oceans Aquarium (9 March 2012) & uShaka Sea World (29 April 2012)

  4. Austin Breakfast Run - 27 May 2012

  5. Reef Steamers open Day - 28 July 2012

  6. SA Tattoo - 8 September 2012



This site was created so that we could share our memories and events with family and friends spread out all over the world.  Enjoy the contents and drop us an email!

The surname Roediger appears to be patronymical in origin. Research indicates that it can be associated with the Germans, meaning "descendant of Rudiger (he who had a famous spear)."  Although this interpretation is the result of onomastic research, you may find other meanings for the Roediger family name.


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